Using Twitter to Promote this Forum

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Using Twitter to Promote this Forum

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:26 am

Using Twitter to promote and advertise is very affective,
and you can use it for anything not just this forum.

First thing you must do if you have not done so already is
create a Twitter account and you can have as many Twitter
accounts you want but each one has to have a different
email. For this example we will start with one account.

Now that you have a Twitter account you will want to open
a Tweet Later account which is an awesome tool that will
help us automate our promotional efforts and what I use
to get sign ups to many programs daily.

Go to and register a new account
and just so you know this one Tweet Later account can m
manage many Twitter accounts.

Once you have registered your Tweet Later account I want
you to login and click on the "Accounts" link, a 2nd row of
tabs will appear below it then click on "Add Account" then
select Twitter which should be already checked for you then
click on "Continue".

You will add your Twitter user name and your Twitter password,
then scroll down a bit and click the "Auto Welcome" box there.
You do this so Tweet Later will automatically send a message to
your new followers.

Then enter the message you want sent out to your new followers
in the text box provided.

Your message might read:
"Thanks for the follow! Please join us in our free forum we specialize
in making free money online "

Now remember your message has to be 140 characters or less or it
wont go out. The actual message above is only 130 characters so it
would be just fine.

What I do to help me fit my message into 140 characters is I shorten
my Links or URL's by going to or whatever service
you like to use for this, but always check your links and make sure they
are working before you put them anywhere, never assume they work
copy and paste them into your browser and actually visit your site.

These shortened url's work great with Twitter because people expect
to see them in Twitter and your click through rate is better because
of this.

Now that you have gotten your message into Tweet Later, be aware
that you can actually add multiple messages and Tweet Later will
rotate these messages for you. You can read about how to do this
by clicking on the link right above the text box where you just entered
your message,

It says: "How to rotate welcome messages (and why you should)"

Now scroll down a bit and click the box that says "Auto Follow" so
Tweet Later can automatically follow anyone who follows you. You
also want to click the box that says "Auto Unfollow" so if anyone
decides to unfollow you Tweet Later will automatically unfollow
them for you.

Now scroll all the way down the page and click "Save" it is up to
you if you want to check that last box, it will send you emails
when people send @ replies to you in Twitter. I choose to not
check it because I get enough emails at it is.

Okay now that we have that all set up I want to introduce you
to one more tool we will be using to gain followers. this tool automatically follows people for
you using key words that you choose and remember these are
all free programs.

Now with Twollo you do not have to join, all you have to do is enter
your Twitter user name and password then you will scroll down to
where you see 3 drop down windows the first one leave as is "follow"
The 2nd one you want to choose "an unlimited amount of" and the
3rd window choose your language in my case "English Speaking"

You will notice under these windows a text box this is where
you will enter key words, Twollo will use these keywords to find
people who are tweeting about these key words and follow them
for you. Once you entered your key word then click on "Add" and
your key word will be added above. Twollo doesn't start looking right
away, so what you have to do to get things started is click on the
"Quick Run" link next to your key word and Twollo will do a check
for people using this key word immediately and add them to your Twitter
as people you are following. You will then want to repeat this process
for as many key words as you desire.

Normally when you follow someone they return the favor and when
they do Tweet Later sends them the message you created for you
and this whole process once set up becomes an automated way to
get traffic and the more traffic we send to this forum the more money
we will make and we will do it all free.

Now before I close I want to make sure that you login to Twitter and
click on "settings" then add our forum to where it says "More Info URL:"
Also, add a little bio that reads something like: "Making free money online
and helping others do the same" So, when people visit your page they
be able to check out what this is all about.

I believe that is it with this Twitter idea, hope it has been a learning experience!

Please post your questions or concerns,

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