Why we started this forum

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Why we started this forum

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:27 pm

Hello everyone!

The reason we created this forum was because
we want our friends and contacts to finally make
some money online.

I have been online since 2001 and I remember how
frustrating it was for me. No matter what I did I could
not make any money and no one wanted to help me and
those that did help me never gave it to me straight, there
was always a catch and I hated it.

I am not saying everything should be free and I really
didn't mind that there was a catch, I only hated it
because those that were helping me were making all the

I don't believe we should always be taking, there has to
be something we are giving in return and it has to be
we can use, not a worthless e-book that is outdated
and obsolete.

Here in this forum what we are going to do for you is
help you get the money flowing with free programs
and on top of that we will promote your affiliate links
to these free programs and all we ask in return is that
you do 2 things, promote this forum when possible and
be active in the free programs that we join together.

This will help us all make some free money and on top
of all the promoting that is done by the members the
admin will also throw in some paid advertising as well.

If you have not joined our free programs then please
register as a member of this forum and you will get
a PM (private message) from the admin with all the
instructions on how to join and how we promote your
affiliate links.

If we work together not only do we help ourselves
but we help a lot of people out there that really do
need to see some free money coming in. I have found
by helping others get what they want and need I in
turn get what I want and need.

Our forum URL is: http://freegreenbacks.tk

Please let me know if you have any questions,

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