Awesome Tips on Completing Offers at Treasure Trooper

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Awesome Tips on Completing Offers at Treasure Trooper

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:37 am

Filling out forms
A large portion of earning money on TT involves "completing offers". TT works with several different companies to find offers for you to complete. These offers mainly include you filling in your information while bypassing ads. To speed up the process of filling in your information, you can download free versions of Roboform. With Roboform, you can make a profile containing your information, so that with one simple click, automatically inputs your information for you.

Completing Offers
Many companies affiliated with TT provide various offers to TT. However, if you completed one offer under a company and was credited for that offer, it is likely that you won't be credited again for a second offer under the same company. The reason for this is because if a company already has your information, they do not want to pay you again for the same information. To resolve this problem, you need to create new email addresses when completing different offers. This way, the rotation of emails will help your offers process. Gmail offers the easiest way to bypass this obstacle, simply make about 3 emails with Gmail and rotate them every
3 to 4 offers.

Cleaning Out Your Cookies
When going through the process of completing offers, cookies are placed onto your computer for tracking purposes. If a company recognizes its cookies already on your computer, they may not credit you for all your offers. Therefore, it is necessary to delete these cookies after each offer you complete. To do so, you can download for free.
Or go to your Tools>Clear private data then choose> Cookies I use Vista and Firefox for my browser.

Here's a pretty good read:

Let us know if you have questions,

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