!!!This is our latest plan!!!

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!!!This is our latest plan!!!

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:02 pm

Hey there!

Here's what we are doing people,

We are promoting this webpage:

All the money we make will go to our
team at this program:

So, if you have not joined Adshares4U
then this is a good time to do so.
Then join the programs at this website

Once you do this then all you have to do
is send me your PayPal email, Alertpay email
or your STP username, you can do this by pm
here at the forum:

Then together we will promote this link:
The more people that we get to join through
this link the more money we can make for
our team at Adshares4U.

As I get paid at these programs I will divide it up with
the team and when each of you get at least $10
you can invest it in Adshares4U and start earning
on that investment.
Every time I get paid you get paid and all this will
be done free of charge and you never invest any
of your own money.
This doesn't mean you can't invest your own money
into Adshares4U for faster results, but if you do so
be sure to remove your initial investment as soon as
possible so you never risk your own money.

So that's it people! A small price to pay for some free
money, a little work is all we have to do and remember
most of these sites are international and the way you
work them is by viewing ads. Simply keep your account open
or logged in all day and check it throughout the day for
ads to click, That's It!

Oh! and by the way, You can trust me to do what I say
and you can ask around, anyone who has ever worked
with me knows one thing about me, I wont cheat them!

To Our Mutual Success People!

Cruz Ramirez
Skype: mruvme

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